About Green Goose Homes

A little bit about the Goose!

Before you get concerned about purchasing your dream home from a company called Green Goose anything, don't. I am Grant Giese, the founder and president of Green Goose Homes. If you have spent any time on this site, the Green part of the name should be fairly obvious. We build green homes. The Goose part, unless you know me, may not be so obvious. Growing up, my last name was butchered by nearly everyone who tried to say it. It wasn't and still isn't hard to say. The correct pronunciation is Geese-E. Nearly 25 years ago, about the time Top Gun was in theatres, a frustrated baseball coach decided Goose was a lot easier than Giese. The nickname stuck and thus the Goose part of Green Goose.

I was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. I attended schools here including Purdue University where I earned a B.S. in Management. My wife, Cara, and I have lived and worked most of our adult lives here. We have thrown ourselves into the community and been involved with such organizations as March of Dimes, CASA for Kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement, Habitat for Humanity and our own foundation Samantha's Grace. We sponsor soccer teams and t-ball teams and are active members of the Indiana Builders Association and Builders Association of Greater Lafayette.  We have chosen to raise our family here. We have an amazing little girl, Jillian, a sweet little boy, Ryan, and also were blessed with an amazing baby named Samantha who succumbed to complications of prematurity after just 92 short days. Now we have decided to operate a business here.

Prior to founding Green Goose Homes I spent 7 years managing operations for a large local builder. During my time there we built over 750 homes, nearly 500 of which were Energy Star certified. My responsibilities included jobsite supervision, project scheduling, budgeting, estimating, sales, marketing, etc. In short, it prepared me to start Green Goose Homes.

Despite all I learned at my previous job, I was unfulfilled professionally. I built hundreds upon hundreds of homes but got to really know very few of our customers. It was impersonal. Since our inception in 2010, we have built an average of 15 homes per year and to date over 50 homes.  The goal at Green Goose Homes is to continue to build around 15 homes a year and have a relationship with each customer before, during, and after the sale. There is only one way to do that - I must earn your trust. And given the opportunity, Green Goose Homes will earn that trust!